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Body feeling achey? Skin looking old, dry? Skin feeling tough and far from firm? Constant breakouts? This handmade detox herbal body scrub was made with you in mind!

  Get ready for a scrub that
📍exfoliates, removes dead skin, softens and brightens while tightening pores and removing toxins and impurities lodged in skin.  📍Reduces and prevents body acne and/or other bumps. 
📍Smells like Warm Winds from the Summer as it is hand made with various organic blends of salts and sugars, lavender,  vanilla, Vitamin A & E and several other nutrients!
📍Awesome for pregnant and nursing women  as its quite soothing, light in smell and reduces stress and relaxes stiffened or overworked muscles
📍Great for anyone in need of relaxation as it acts as aromatherapy and helps soothe sore muscles 👩🏾‍🦱🧔🏽Works across all skin types and helps remove negative skin bacterias👸🏽🤴🏽all individuals who need to detox or need more assistance in removing toxins and etc from body.
📍  🙌🏽Made with love and by hand using edible organic ingredients.

Sugar, Epsom Salt, Magnesium Flakes, Activated Charcoal, Vanilla Extract, Maple Extract, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Orange Oil, Lavender and Essential Oils

🚨Customization available. 
Take your health seriously, so you can live royally naturally!

How to Use:
After normal wash routine, apply on lightly damp skin in a circular motion from ankles up. Let sit for 10-15mins. Rinse off in lukewarm water. Pat skin dry or air dry. Continue normal rinse routine. 

➡️Pair with the matching oil and body balm!

Warm Winds Herbal Detox Body Scrub

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