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Nanna Dark

About Us

Nanna Dark provides women, men and children with products and services catering to various hair and skin types, as well as lifestyles.



Nanna’s mission is to fulfill the needs of diverse individuals by sharing a unique aesthetic, taste and appreciation for great, strong, healthy natural hair, skin and overall living. Nanna believes in being self aware as the first step to self improvement spiritually, mentally, physically and financially. With this principle Nanna remains driven and passionate to providing quality products to provide customers with the highest standards of quality, variety, actual effectiveness and happiness with all products, services and concepts.


Nanna supports, provides encouragement, gives direction, propels recognition and forms unified collaborations with other fellow naturals. holistic practitioners and healthy life livers across various industries.

Here at Nanna Dark we enjoy cross promoting and integrating with like minded individuals across different platforms to achieve our mission of diversely sharing a unique aesthetic and appreciation for the hair, skin, body and overall healthy living day in and day out.



All exclusive collections are exotic sensations that one can relate to. All products embody the ultimate exquisiteness, wants, needs, sensuality, sexuality and creative expression that appeal to women, men and children of various backgrounds on every level. 


We offer a wide range of hair care products from hair mousses, butters, whips, cleansers, creams, conditioners, shampoos, treatments, serums, oils and gels to accommodate various hair types with specific hair state concerns no matter the age group.


For men who grow beards we offer, beard mousses, serums, light oil, styling whips, butters and more to accommodate a healthy face of hair.


Face and Skin

Your face and skin are catered to  with  an exquisite  variety of rich and nourishing exotic sensations in the forms of nearly delectable scrubs, masks, soaks, lotions, gels, butters, soufflés, washes, wraps, hydrators, clarifiers, toners and beard mousses for diverse skin types and conditions with special concentration for mature, sensitive  and acne prone skins; as well as for discolorations and ingrown hairs for women, men and teens.

Nanna Dark also has a focus on pregnant, nursing mothers and babies to ensure that through varying stages of body and life changes both mommy and baby are supported naturally.


Services to Come

Our select Nanna Dark services will provide diverse, natural and simple care approaches with tutorials, journals, tips, regimens, remedies, group supports and constructive note concepts for:


-hair, face and skin maintenance and education

-spiritual, mental and physical awareness, maintenance, dexterity, openness and more to come…to support overall healthy living that one can complete and maintain easily at home independently or seek professional assistance with the Nanna Dark internal and external team or preferred professional anywhere YOU are.

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