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COVID-19 Community Statement


Dear Nanna Dark family, friends and overall community,


There is nothing more important to us than the health, safety, overall well-being and respect of our Nanna Dark family, community, and avid supporters.

We temporarily shut down in February of 2020 to better assess this global pandemic, and were better equipped to understand how it impacts our products and services to you; more importantly we recognize in these times how we can better serve you.

Our decision making is always current, efficient, and rapid in response to any confirmed updates and guidelines as it pertains to COVID-19 by our government and health officials. COVID-19 has been causing grave impact globally since late 2019 and now in this quarter is still active and impacting all of us.

As of August 2020, we have resumed our business activities. Minor things are altered but the integrity and key healthy ingredients, paired with love are keeping us a well oiled machine to produce the best for you! We have made it to 2021 and still look forward to providing the best handmade products for you and your family.


We also, need you to know that we are here for our communities and those who are less fortunate amongst us. As Nanna Dark grows it permits us with more ways to actively be ready to help. Every day, we challenge ourselves to invest in our families, communities, and supporters but more importantly those who are truly without during this time. For every dollar spent on every product going forward it will be added to a hygiene essential kit and donated locally to a shelter, charity or at a public event. Know that your support also allows us to grow and retain more talent which helps someone else achieve a level of personal success and a level of security for their families. So, know that your support of Nanna Dark simultaneously helped others and gave your spirit a boost by helping you truly enjoy and achieve self-care.

In addition to this, please partake in our virtual community and enjoy our continued blogs, vlogs and virtual meet ups and chats related to all things essential to you always. Please let us know the most critical areas requiring additional information, resources, or heightened awareness within your community. Our platform has always been a place to bring visibility to our community's needs and we want to continue to foster this dialogue with your assistance. ​

We continue to diligently follow government and public health guidelines and encourage you to do the same. At this time, many of our public events have been postponed until further notice, but please follow our social channels via @NannaDark or follow on on Twitter as: @NannaDark_ and visit to stay connected for updates, special product offers, sales, virtual events, pop up shops and much more.

We are grateful for your continued support, promotion and use of Nanna Dark. Together, we can and will help communities impacted from this global crisis. Nanna Dark has always been family oriented, God conscious and community based and will remain that way. Together we will preserve and continue to rise and excel. This allows us to show our testimony and appreciation for the blessings God gives us mercifully. This is exemplified in how we give back and carry ourselves in private and in public. 

From our hearts, we genuinely thank you for being a loyal and patient member of the Nanna Dark family. In fact, thanks for reading this far down.


We love that you care and want to help too! We truly value your feedback, donations, thoughts and feelings, please share them by emailing us at

Stay healthy, be productive, spread love, be sure to take care of yourselves, and each other.



The Nanna Dark Family

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