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Experiencing dark spots get darker? Feel like you can't go sleevless or end up a little self conscious because your armpits darker than usual or discolored? Used a deodorant that gave you a reaction? Knees or elbows getting darker overtime? This was made with you in mind!

Be confident and prep for some clearer and evenly toned skin hun! After 8 days you will see a difference.

Hand made with love and you in mind with organic and naturally occuring ingredients like lemon, lime, bergamont, grapefruit, aloe, carrot and more that combat heavy discoloration and markings.

This scrub is almost the mecca of body mousses as it works immense wonders to not only reduce and prevent discoloration but gradually return skin to normal complexion.

Though quite potent it's also gentle and aides in establishing and maintaining softer skin all while providing a natural glow, reducing and preventing acne or shaving bumps, ingrown hairs, reverses discolored underarms, evens skin tone, removes dead skin, to reveal healthy hydrated and nourished skin. Product varies in color effectiveness remains the same.


This item and the kit it pairs with are the newest top faves for its effectiveness! Results vary and it is highly recommended you use the entire kit consistently and follow up with an SPF of 15+. Avoid using items with harsh Ingredients that actually encourage darkening or cause irritation to skin like aluminum...aomthing quite toxic to the human body. Bathe and exfoliate skin more regularly. Eat clean foods and drink the correct amount of water for your body. Following these steps ensures overall glow.



✔Helps all skin types. Awesome for persons with dry to normal skin, dermatitis or eczema

✔Highly recommended for individuals with sensitive skin or PCOS

✔Nourishes deeply and lasts long

✔Nice and naturally fragrant

✔Works well with persons dealing with eczema and ketaris pilaris; or other skin issues that raise or elevate and cause discolored appearances within in same family


Ground Tumeric, Lemon Pulp, Peel, Extract and Juice, Lime Pulp, Peel and Juice, Bergamont Oil, Olive Oil, Jasmine, Orange Peel, Milk, Lactic Acid, ACHD, Aloe Vera Gel and Juice, Vanilla Extract, Peppermint, Vitamin A, C and E, Kojic Acid, Hylauronic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Honey, Salt and special blend of organic Essential Oils.


2x a day with finger tip, place a drop of water and moisten underarm. Using scooper apply generous amount of mousse to underarms. Rub into arms with finger tips (gloves recommended as it can stain or use applicator) in circular motions. Let sit for 15-30 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. Use pairing scrub to intesify effects or continue normal routine. Use sunscreen when going out in day.

Made for use 2x a day (must not expose to sun or tanning lights during or after use and not within first 3 weeks of use.) After 1st 2 weeks use at night every 3 days only. -Wax or Shave 1 week before or after initial use.

For rapid results use:

- Nanna Dark Tumeric N Citrus Scrub after applying Mousse.

- Clean N ClearWash after scrub and for general use.

-Turmeric, Honey and Oat Bar Soap

-Turmeric and Citrus Body Oil and Face Serum

-Turmeric and Citrus BodyWhip or Butter

Peeling, slight redness and pale look is normal in first 14 days. Skin will adjust as it begins to repair and restore underarms.

Having discoloration and a few other things in other private areas?

Try the Clean N Clear Kits available now!

Clean N Clear for Her

Clean N Clear for Him

Papaya Mango and the Turmeric N Citrus are the top contenders!

Turmeric N Citrus Clearing Mousse

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