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Hair growing slow? Too much hair fallout? Feeling stressed? Have a headache? Than our incredible, soothing and calming scalp massager, scratcher is just what you need!  Get that long hair! Reduce fallout, keep those follicles alert and going! Relax hun!

📌Stimulates follicles encouraging growth and strengthening strands, reducing hair fallout or sparseness by encouraging proper blood flow to maintain hair strands root
📌Snag-free acrylic beads protect your scalp and hair from unwanted scraping and pulling so you can enjoy your massage worry free.
📌Highly recommened for all hair types. Those with 3b to 4c hair, have no worry, promoted for use by a curly hair Queen like you (handle is approx 3.5 inches; the 12 stainless steel tines are 5 and 6.5 inches)!
📌 Immediately melts your stress away by encouraging relaxtion when paired with Nanna Dark Hair/Body oils or aromatherapy oils or candles.
📌Can relieve aches and pains, such as headaches and migraines.
📌 A tingling, euphoric and deep relaxation will relax your entire body, as this is safe to use throughout large parts of body. It will quickly, and natrually relax stressed muscles 📌Sensory relief and great for ASMR, tingles, triggers, sleep, stimulation

When and how to use:
2-3x a day for 3-5 minutes 

By gently raising and lowering to the scalp and repeating throughout head, massager will increase circulation thus stimulating follicles and encourage growth and proper blood flow to help stregthen hairs  root and reduce fallout.

Body: Use anytime anywhere when ever you need to relax. Preferably on moisturized skin but definitely not wet!

Simply stroke over arms, shoulders back and legs for gentle stimulation, stress relief and sensory engagement  and enjoy deep relaxation. 
Great to pair with Nanna Dark Body and Hair oils, aromatherapy melts and more!

Scalp Tingler N Stimulator

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