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Say farewell to dry, breaking, excessive shedding, stunted, unconditioned brittle hair. Say hello to growth, hydration, and conditioned hair!

With organic and naturally occurring ingredients you can pronounce like Jasmine, Rose, Aloe, Jojoba Oil, Biotin, and Vitamins A, C and E and more; the conditioning herbal mist and the entire Jasmin Bergamont Collection works wonders on natural loose hair or locs (dreds, dreadlocks) and on chemically treated (texturized, permed or colored) hair and beards for men, women and children looking to maintain, grow, condition, hydrate and acheive more volume while preventing and lessening breakage or tangling or knots without feeling too oily or weighed down.

Brace yourself for amazing hair conditioning as you use as often as needed to reduce hair fallout, to refresh, hydrate, prevent breakage, effortlessly condition, fill in gaps and holes of hair shaft and nourish all while encouraging massive growth, especially in sparse areas.

Highly recommended for persons with:

📌 Seborrheic Dermatitis, Alopecia, Postpartum Fallout, general or excessive fallout and/breakage, broken edges or bald spots

📌Low to high porosity hair

📌Hair with extreme damage or that dries out moisture very easily

📌 Hair in repeated protective styles

📌 Natural loose hair, loc hair, and / or permed/chemically treated hair (if going toncolor treat hairnuse 1 month after).

How to use:

With 1-2 light presses, spritz on to hairs 6 inches away. Rub or comb through hairs evenly and style hair as usual.

You can pair this with after hair wash routine or pre poo conditioning steps and to refresh when needed.


Distilled Water, Rice Water, Aloe Vera Juice and Extract, Citrus, Rose, Jasmine and Bergamont Extract and Water, Rosemary, Honey, Castor Oil, Jojoboa Oil, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Vitamin A and E, Biotin, Zinc, Citric Acid and Essential Oil and Fragrance

Jasmine Bergamont Herbal Hair Mist

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