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With organic and naturally occurring ingredients that encourage exotic visuals and sensations like hibiscus, pomegranate, neem, rosemary coconut, grapeseed, apricot and more your hair stays perfectly hydrated and moisturized, soft and reverses as well as prevents damage while encouraging rapid growth


This oil works wonders from head to toe on men and women in need of deep and gentle nourishment to grow and maintain fuller more manageable, shiny, healthy hair. Heals scalp to reduce and prevent flaking while encouraging stimulation to follicles to encourage growth for longer and fuller hair.


Is very light weight but powerful as it deeply nourishes and an aromatic scent that leaves you feeling like you are on island.




✔Works well to heal damaged or dying follicles

✔ Works well for all porous hair types especially mid to high.

✔ Naturally reduces flaking

✔ Infused: -with biotin encourages rapid and steady growth. -Hibiscus to soften and make more manageable. -Pomegranate to help bind and revitalize. Rosemary to encourage h and aide healing and growth of hair. -optional mint to encourages stimulation and awakening of follicles

✔Lightweight and long lasting without overly oily feel

✔ Repairs damaged ends

✔Reduces frizz Recommended

Hibiscus Pomegranate Herbal Infusion

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