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Have dry hair?  Experiencing breakage? Add so much product to hair cause hair doesn't lay right otherwise? Cant achieve a 'wet n go'? Is hair porosity high or low? Find it hard managing hair types in 4a-c range?If you said yes to any thing above, than our cap is the perfect solution for styling and deep conditioning hair follicles and assisting the correct Nanna Dark products penetrate the shaft of each strand thoroughly!📌It works with all hair types, porosity and density points!📌 The heat activated gel cap is perfect for home treatment and also usable in professional hair salons.📌It seals in and activates oils and therapeutic conditioners, hair masks or treatments and diffuses them deep into hair follicles. 📌More efficient and environmentally friendly than plastic caps, bags,  hot iron or rollers, the cap safely nurtures your hair without damaging it! Also, little to no leakage occurs, so no need to wear head scarves! Did you peep that we ar  saving head scarves from stains?! STYLES IN MINUTES: Remove the warm cap from your head, unroll your curlers, twists, braids or bantu knots, and you are on your way! Easy To Use:MICROWAVE METHOD: The Gel Cap is engineered for repeated exposure to microwave heat. Warm for 30 secs and massage gel until it reached temp that you are comfortable with.  Leave on for 15-30 mins or moreWATER BOWL METHOD:📍You can  dip into piping water if not interested in microwaving. Leave on for 25-30mins or morePUT IT ON METHOD:📍You can simply place on without microwaving or hot water dipping. Leave on for 30mins or moreBefore applying the cap to your conditioned hair, insert the heated cap into the microwave for about  30 seconds to 1min. Increase by a few seconds if it’s not warm enough then place the heated cap onto the head for your desired time. Repeat same steps if using hot water in glass bowl method.CORDLESS: No batteries or cords are required to power the cap, the unit is heat activated and also ecofriendly. NURTURING: Will not damage your hair and cause unsightly split ends or breakage! 📍Instead will help reverse damage done by heated tools, sun exposure, pollution and etc. 📍Helps products nourish hair better!DURABLE: 📍Built for repeated usage📍Has supreme memory and retains its form and elasticity after extended usageFeatures & DetailsDEEP CONDITIONING: The heat systematically allows ingredients to penetrate the hair follicles more efficiently, leaving your hair snug and soft. It seals in treatments and relaxes the hair follicles for effective diffusion of nutrients. The heat along with Nanna Dark oils, masks or hair treatments  and other therapeutic ingredients are activated by heat and are readily absorbed by hair.✔Recommended for persons with alopecia or heavy fallout, seborrheic dermatitis,  sparse or dry hair, persons with extreme damage or breakage, persons who wear protective styles or wash infrequently! 🚫 This product does not have additional sizing,  thus it is not recommended for persons with dreds/locs at this time. NON ELECTRIC: There is no need for electrical outlets or batteries! The cap is cordless and warms up by simply placing it into the microwave, and heating it up to the desired temperature. (Always warm not hot)!BUDGET FRIENDLY: There is no need to purchase expensive commercial brands to pamper yourself. Our heat conditioning cap is fully functional and provides the nurturing efficiency your hair deserves without spending hundreds of dollars.ONE SIZE FITS MOST: Equipped with an elastic rim, the cap retrofits itself to all head sizes. The elastic in the cap has excellent memory so it maintains form and efficiency after continuous usage (Reusable | Ecofriendly). 🚫This product does not have additional sizing,  thus it is not recommended for persons with dreds/locs at this time.

Thermal Hair Cap

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