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Herbal foot scrub is handmade with love and nourishing ingredients like honey, lavendar, vanilla, Aloe Vera extract with a hint of mint and peppermint leaves to awaken those sore and achy soles.

What It Does

Works wonders on feet, leaving them supple, soft and clean. Made with a special blend of sugars and pumice to both remove dead skin, callous while deep penetrating heels and pores to nourish and heal feet from the everyday life. Foot scrub is especially designed to defeat odorous and sweaty feet as it it naturally combats negative aromas and works to remove dead, softens hardened skin to reveal the gorgeous feet you always had!


Sugar blend, Pumice Blend, Aloe Vera Gel and Extract, Honey, Citrus Oil, Lavender Oil and Leaves, Vanilla Oil and Extract, Peppermint Leaves and Oil,

Warm Winds Herbal Wash Foot Scrub

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