Herbal Sitz!

Updated: Jan 8

Want to spruce up the yoni? Have sore muscles or experiencing congestion? Poor circulation? Just gave birth? About to menstruate or just wrapping up? Feel like rejuvenating after being or before being intimate? Dealing with hemorrhoid's? A sitz bath helps with all of that and much more!

So what is it? A sitz bath is a warm, shallow bath that cleanses the perineum, which is the space between the rectum and the vulva or scrotum. A sitz bath can also provide relief from pain or itching in the genital area. It is a very popular and effective self care therapy, that helps, cleanse, and rejuvenate women, traditionally used in various cultures after birth. The cool part is, it can be used by everyone for general upkeep, cleansing and relaxation. It's all about how one needs to use it in the moment. So in this moment, bow our heads to the mother nature for the all natural ingredients we get to make use of just to heal!!!